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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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back in the bay area. hard at work ahead of tomorrow's big game. also -- >> we need to invest into our education institutions if i am strongly in favor of proposition 30 and 38. >> the battle lines have been drawn between prop 30 and 3. less than a month until election day, the state school's chief there is weighing in on two very similar but competing ballot measures and why votes need to pass. a grim discovery south of the bay area, what investigators found after a standoff that lasted for hours. if you are just joining us, good evening. welcome back. i am diane dwyer. giants' fever in the bay area. the team prepares for plateothe playoff against st. louis. we are joined now from at & t park.
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monte, tickets are a touch hard to come by? >> well, diane, that's right. there are tickets available you. cannot get them here at the giants' box office. you have to go online. as you guessed that will cost you. i heard from communications manager at stubhub, and there are 4,000 tickets aavailable on site for tomorrow's game at at & t park. tickets start at $120 each. those are for standing room tickets. if you want to sit down you will have to pay $140. and on the higher end, good seats are going for more than $1,000. and for monday, i'm told there is still about 7,000 tickets available online. and that same price range. >> tomorrow is a big day for us. we got tickets for the 49ers game in the morning. we are hoping, didn't get the tickets yet for the baseball game. but we are pretty sure we are getting them tonight. >> the giants victory is no doubt going to translate into
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big business for bars, restaurants here at at & t park. and stores selling giants' gear. manager at the dugout store at the ballpark told me they received a shipment in today and merchandise is flying off the shelves. now stubhub tells me you can also buy tickets for contingent games, even world series tech e -- tickets itch the giants make it. there and get a refund if they don't make it there. live, monte francis, nbc bay area news. scary situation on the field as giants warmed up for tomorrow's game. let's bring in amy gutierrez, comcast sports net. joins us from inside at & t park. hello, amy. >> hi, diane, yes, 45 minutes ago. a very, very scary moment. everyone holding their breath, as the the giants' first base coach, roberto kelly was struck in the head with a line drive. he went down imed me yacm immed motionless for several moments.
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the team surrounded him. on his stomach, first. then turned over. buster posey the person in the batting cage. he was extremely concerned. the good news, roberto kelly was helped to his feed, aided off the field by the giants' trainer, david greshner and doctor asasuki. left to go check on roberto kelly. action had to resume on the field. team needs to focus on game one of the nlcs. and most folks probably counted the giants out, down two games to none. going into cincinnati. but they swept the reds. they're focussing on being that underdog and using that as motivation in game one of the nlcs, versus the saint louis cardinals. >> i think, well we did prove, proved to a lot of people that, you know it is not over until it is over. because, you know -- pretty much everybody counted us out. and, we were able to fight back. that was -- that was, you know, just another -- another reference point, watching the
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cardinals do it last night. >> both clubs at some point had their backs to the wall. we did going into cincinnati. had to win three straight. an, they're down a couple runs. in the ninth. found a way to get it done. so, i've think it says a lot about the two clubs, the character, of the clubs, and how hard they fight. should be really hard fought series here. >> now, of course the team hoping roberto kelly will be back to participate in the series. the latest update, diane. he has been taken to a local hospital, a concussion is likely. he will receive a standard ct scan to make sure there is no bleeding. bruce bochey, the skipper told me he was alert, short term memory was good. get it back to you. >> thank you for the update, amy. new information on the party boat rescue on the san francisco bay as well. the coast guard now says the party boat, neptune hit a rock near alcatraz before it started taking on water last night. the captain radioed for help,
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had troubling navigating back to pier 39. all 22 on board for a bachelor party were rescued, no major problems. the incident is under investigation. hollister police, recovered the body believed off to beep missing mom, heather carol. they found the body inside the home of this man, held on murder charges after a standoff that ended this morning. a hollister mother reported missing wednesday when she didn't peck up her son from school. the suspects told officers where to find her body after the interview. the standoff began friday, police on the way to interview him. he was suicidal and armed. he refused to come out for ten hour. finally surrendering early this morning. >> if you lived in south bay, you will soon dial differently adding extra numbers when you make a call. part of the santa clara county plan to provide new phone numbers for the growing population. one week from today callers will
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dial, 1, area code, and the number, even if calling another 408 number. on november 20th, a new, 669 area coden tro eintroduced. customers that change their service may be assigned the new area code. turning to "decision 2012" two ballot measures designed to raise taxes to help state schools at the center of a statewide debate. voters decide the outcome of the propositions. the head of the california schools weigheden to nbc bay area. and in the newsroom with more on what he hopes voters will do come november. hello. >> state superintendent tom tolikson wants voters to say yes on both measures. we were able to catch up, in the bay area for grand opening of the delta center. with the election so close, edge kaegs a -- education and the props are on his mind. he knows it can get confusing.
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measures do similar things. that's the point to provide a major rescue plans for schools. wou without the passage of eithers. schools will face devastating cuts and possibly have to shorten the school year by four weeks. >> it can be confusing. i urge voters to look carefully at votes. i am, the head of education for california, superintendent of schools, and i have looked at them both and i believe their vote will be valuable in restoring billions our schools need. by the way if they both pass -- you are not double taxed. the one with the most votes that goes into effect. >> what exactly do the measures do. governor jerry brown, prop 30, asks for a 3% increase in income tax for people making over $250,000 a year for seven years. and additional quarter cent tax increase to all sales tax. prop 38 backed by the civil rights attorney will last 12 years and increase personal income taxes using a sliding scale. there has been a battle between
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supporters of the measures this weekend in oakley, high school students and community leaders are hoping to knock on 1,000 doors, asking for voters to support prop 30. thank you for the clarification. the end of an era for a south bay business. the owners of the san jose based company say time to retire. customers well have to look elsewhere for the fresh crab pu purchased kr ed christmas week, turkeys at thanksgiving. the seafood kitchen next door to the market will reman open. it has the been weeks since a winning lottery ticket sold is unclaimed. worth $220 t. sold at the market for the september 10th drawing. it matched all five winning numbers. 20, 5, 33, 36, 11.
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missed the number of 11. the actual winning ticket must be presented to lottery officials for the prize to be claimed. ahead, a potentially expensive problem. first of its kind cafe opening up here in the bay area. a major piece of history, inching its way around the sitty of los angeles. right now you are looking at a live picture of shuttle "endeavour." we'll bring you the latest on its delicate trip to its new home. barely getting around the tree. around the bay area today. mostly sunny skies. bit of a warm-up. mid 70s to the bay area. take a look at the pacific. we have changes ahead. very stormy pattern setting up. will any of that include rain coming our way. let you know in the forecast when we come right back.
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supersonic speed it is not. we have pictures of the shuttle making its way through the streets of los angeles. just about 2 miles an hour. endeavor e "endeavour" expected at the california science center. a journey of 15 miles. left early friday morning. at the top speed of 2 miles an hour. shuttle controllers, maneuvering through some of tightest spots on the route. dodging buildings, couple trees, power poles.
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crossing the 405 freeway. spectacular pictures of it. moving. you can barely tell it is moving at this point. it has to go so slowly around the tree as rob mentioned. we'll update you on the shuttle's final drive home. a new law created to boost voter participation in the state, appears to be working. the law allows californians to register to volt te online. the site attracted 400,000 users in the first three weeks. that may not be good news for republicans. early sampling of more than 50,000 online registrations found that nearly a third of those people were younger than 26. more likely to register as democrats than republicans. it also found that a third of those who registered so far were not affiliated with either m may -- major party. million muppet march planned in washington to protest, republican presidential campaign, debate remarks about pbs. >> stop the subsidy to pbs.
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i'll stop other things. i like pbs, big bird and you too. >> the organizers want to show support for public broadcasting. republicans have their funding on the chopping block. republican romney's statements, sparked support for big bird, better, ernie and the sesame street gang. the men are hoping the rally will take place on the national mall on november 3rd. the saturday before the election. still to cup, mother nature has taken its toll and a roller coaster ride. and things are about to change again. and a lesson in basic carpentry. the new class saving students money while also saving the planet.
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save money and the planet. a new class on peninsula is helping do both by teaching basic repair skills from coffee pots to saet cushieat cushions. best thing of all it is free. maryanne favro has more. >> reporter: when you look in your garage do you final treasures, things you love but need to be fixed. like the camping cushion. the teapot with a lid that doesn't close. instead of turning them into ref use, rescue them, with the help of repair cafe opening sunday at the museum of american heritage. here, volunteer will help you repair your stuff. the best part, the service its free.
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with silicone valley entrepreneur peter skinner learned that cafes were a success in the netherlands, he decided to open the first repair in cafe in the u.s.en our backyard. >> we all have garages full of stuff. attics full of stuff. basements full of stuff. i just thought of it was a, a great opportunity for us to -- fix things and keep them alive rather than throw them out. >> reporter: means fewer products ending up in the garbage can and in our landfills. the engineer, long-time fix-it guy says not only does mending save money it may not be as difficult as you think. >> very often what you find is that -- something that's not working, just quite right, mechanical device just need to be taken apart, cleaned up and put back together again. >> when it comes to repairs, some people just need a kick start. >> a lot of the time they don't know where to begin. and if you just give them the nudge, they will be right along and going. >> casey hornback will be here
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to help, hopping on his beak to retrieve tools from the ace hardware down the street. the hope is by showing people huh to make repairs, the next time something breaks, they'll try fixing it themselves. whether your project requires sewing or a screwdriver, the repair cafe hopes to remind people, fixing gives your stuff a future. as maryanne mentioned, the repair cafe, tomorrow, 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the museum of american heritage on homer street. right now want to check in with rob, on the beautiful, spectacularly beautiful weather outside today. >> it was nice. got the skies to clear out after a week's worth of most leave cloudy skies. thunder, middle of the week. cloud, drizzle. didn't want to leave yesterday. today a different story. most of the bay area, san francisco. close to 70 early. now hanging on to the 70s.
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san how say. mid 70s along the trivalley. tonight. low clouds. back across the bay. for right now, mostly clear skies. pleasant evening out there. temperatures climbing up a couple more degrees tomorrow. but some big time warming coming up for the middle part of the week. you are going to be a little confused you are thinking going back into summer with the numbers in the 80s, 90s. come back our way to the valleys, wednesday. show you the reason why in just a moment. right now, clear skies. had a few high cloud. drifting on by. this thing. the weather system this morning. mixing in drier air down to the surface. even the low cloud. broke up nicely today. saw, san jose, hazy skies, storm pattern though, getting pretty active. typical for this team of year. see the polar jet stream, get fired up. tropical moisture, slamming into british columbia, western washington. diverting all of that energy is ridge of high pressure which will hold its ground. see cloud spilling over, time to time, monday to tuesday.
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the same ridge of high pressure, is going to turn stronger by wednesday. that's going to crank up the heat for the inland valleys. livermore, pleasantton, san francisco, oakland, could be looking at some 80s. wednesday, thursday, into friday. cooling down as we head toward next weekend. meantime, pretty comfortable. patches of low cloud. sweeping backen tonight. hour by hour. tomorrow morning. and may see a few cloud. sunny skies. patchy low clouds. sticking around. and half moon bay for tomorrow. temperatures tonight. 40s. 50s outside. should see about, 3, 5 degrees of warming for tomorrow's highs. upper 70s, and even some low 80s. and some of the warmest places around morgan hill, pleasanton. north bay, 70s to low 80s for the afternoon. upper 60s to near 70s at san francisco. and certainly the seven-day forecast, warming up around the coast and bay. subtle warm-up finish off the
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weeken. few high clouds tuesday. take a look at the seven day forecast. numbers starting to jump up there. wednesday, thursday, friday, the kind of numbers i know diane is happy to see. 80s. 90s. sunshine once again. >> yes, i am. >> rewind to summer middle part of the week. good news, hope the offshore wind don't get too strong. a pattern where we can see that happen. right now doesn't look that way. we'll benefit from the clear skies, warm temperature ttz as cooling off as we head to next week. >> no winds. we'll be right back with a la l at sports.
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good evening, everyone, i'm jim kozimor. game one of the nlcs begins
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sunday for the giants. they host the cardinals in the best of seven series. great pitching match up, in game one. 16-game winner, goes for the g-men. 1-game winner, lance lin for the red bird. look at the giants. had to wait until the cardinals came back last night before they could fly home. returned early this morning. and the ballpark right now. working out. although baumgartner struggled against the red. the manager still has confidence in him. >> he has done such a great job all year for us. in the previous post season. and his first start. he had a good first inning. and then he, he just got out of sync. and it happened. and, but, you know, that's -- that's a start. and that's how we look at it. and the guys will have a hiccup now and then. still have all the confidence in the world. and madison to go out there and pitch like he has been pitching all year. >> i felt good last time.
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things didn't get in the way. the way the game is. you know, just got to go up there and, got to, be focussed. be at the top of your game. and make pitches. and -- you know, you can't get caught up in what, what is happening. got to focus on the next pitch. and just keep moving forward. >> college football, we saw this on nbc bay area. number 17, stanford, number seven, notre dame. notre dame touchdown. stanford tried to punch it in. taylor. and second and goal. fourth and goal. stanford, taylor fights to get over the line. looks like the ball cross the line. the call on the field. forward progress stopped. no touchdown. irish win, 20-13. reman in undefeated. third quarter, 28-20. aggies, kerwin williams. breaks one off. untouched. 86 yard. all the way to the house. pulls it out at the second half.
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aggies win. spartans laws for a second time this year. we'll have more from at & t park tonight at 6:00. cardinals/giants, last two world series champions, nlcs, first time in baseball history that happened. diane for you, cal plays tonight, up against washington state. go bears for you, right. >> thank you very much. a tough loss for the cardinals, oh, really tough. >> heartbreaker. heartbreaker. they will argue for week. >> my husband is not happy. all right. thank you, jim. coming up, the hold-up that took a half century to fix and made this grandma a grad. also, a dog who risked his life to save children is getting a well-deserved second chance on his own life. his heroics and the heart warming story coming up. we continue our coverage of the space shuttle "endeavour's" final voyage. look how close it is coming right now. these are live pictures to the building there in downtown l.a. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. we are in place because of nightly news and we begin this half-hour with a look at the space shut tle "endeavour." it makes its way through los angeles. a journa top speed, 2 miles an hour. you can guess why, because of -- lots of -- things in the way. you might want to say. nbc's stephanie stanton has latest for us tonight. >> excited fans, line the streets for
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